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help needed: web developer to rewrite FTP library

we're looking for a web developer who can help us to rewrite two internal libraries. which we're using the library to sync assets to a FTP server and speed up GatsbyJS build times.

we use it to store videos on a (S)FTP server, so our CI does not have to transform videos via FFMPEG every time a website gets build.

if you have a look at the code, you can clearly see its not that well structured and just somehow hacked together.


it does the job, but it tends to fail from time to time, creating unnecessary long build times.

project budget:

EUR 200 / $240

project goals:

  • rewrite it to typescript
  • make the code more clean and readable, especially maintainable
  • write some docs to welcome others to contribute (Docusaurus is awesome for this)
  • create a test suite that tests the actual FTP download/upload process (e2e + unit)
  • improve the output/logging on CLI
  • upgrade the gatsby plugin to use the new refactored plugin

Bonus: You can become an official maintainer afterwards if you want, to boost your GitHub profile. But you don't have to.

what you can expect:

  • general guidenance if you need help how to (re)structure the lbrary
  • defining the test cases, so you could do test driven development, if you want
  • helping you with the docs
  • review your code

what you can't expect:

  • that we help you with the actual coding, we got no time for this
  • that we give you extended typescript advice
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