techboi process

Step 1: Getting to know each other

If you're reading this it's to late..

we've already had a first conversation about your situation, problems and how we think we can help you.


Step 2: How we work

Here you can find more details on how we work:

  • [contract]
  • [communication guidelines]
  • [best practices]


Step 3: Briefing

We sum up your situation and sketch out a first project roadmap in a briefing.

A briefing usually contains the following information:

  • who is the client?
  • what's the client's situation?
  • project goal, scope and deliverables (definition of done)
  • project timeline and deadlines
  • project budget
  • project owner including contact details

We share this briefing with pre-selected techboi creatives from our carefully curated network.


Step 4: Matching

If a techboi creative is intersted in the project we match you so you can get to know each other.

Feel free to test or challenge the techboi creative.


Step 5: Negotiation

Together we negotiate a project contract including final project budget.


Step 6: Project Start

The project starts when you've paid 50% of the project budget.

2 weeks after project start, we ask you for a first feedback.


Step 7: Project Phase

Every 6 weeks, we offer feedback calls.

Every Friday, you receive a status update:

  • what and when we worked this week
  • what and when we will work next week
  • questions, blockers, feedback

You can always book a video call during our project hours.

If you have any question, complains, feedback you can always book a call with Tobias:

Or call him in urgent cases: +49 151 40421120


Step 8: Project End

The project ends after the techboi creative delivered all deliverables and 100% of the project budget is paid.


Step 9: Project Retroperspective

After each project we have retroperspective:

  • What's good?
  • What's improveable?
  • What's next

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