techboi creative

A techboi creative is an independent creative consultant.

If you're a techboi creative we match you with pre-qualified projects.

We send you a briefing about the client, the client's situation and why we think you could help them.

We also attach the project budget and suggestion for how to spend the budget.

If you like the project you drop us a message and we're happy to introduce you to the client.

All clients are our friends.

So we kindly ask you to treat them with respect.

We expect the same from them.

All techboi creatives commit and follow the techboi process. We monitor your project and if you any questions, doubts, feedback or ideas we're there to listen and act if needed.

One more thing.. after we've connected you to one of our clients or partners we kindly ask you to involve us in the conversation.

Otherwise you might wake up with horse head in your bed.

"I'm not a businessman,
I'm a business, man"
- Jay Z -
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