mobile-first websites for creatives:

creative agencies, entrepreneurs, artists

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show, don't tell.

we enable creative people to build mobile-first websites with the possibility to add their own magic.


what's faster than fast? lightspeed.

What happens when your website is slow? Your visitors will switch to your competition.

We’ve invested hundreds of hours into the heavy lifiting to make sure your website and every video loads blazzingly fast.

built for mobile. and beyond.

+50% of the worldwide internet traffic is mobile.

We always start with the mobile design of your website and and extend it to larger screen sizes to make sure it works on every device.

high SEO performance for high performers.

The Google Lighthouse score is Google’s new industry benchmark for website and SEO performance.

We guarantee you a Google Lighthouse Score of 80+ to make sure that search engines love your website as much as your visitors.

100% GDPR compliant.
0% headaches.

Save your money and time.

We cooperate with lawyers to guarantee that your website is 100% GDPR compliant.

integrated. not isolated.

Connect your website to your social profiles, newsletter, CRM, custom services, and more..

..many more integrations available

high-definition videos for high quality creators.

Our video convertors optimize and convert every video you upload to ensure it loads fast and plays on every device.

we’ve invested more than 1.000 development hours to create a website builder optimized for content creators.

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still not convinced?

your website comes with a CMS so you can change the content and add new pages.
infinite layouts
you can rearrange, experiment and add new layouts without paying a developer.
snippets and templates
you get access to best practice snippets and templates for fast content creation.
world-wide fast-loading
your websites gets distrubted on global CDN* to make sure it loads in milliseconds.
offline access
your website preloads content in case your visitors lose their internet connection.
progressive web app
your visitors can bookmark your website as an app on their home screen.
https:// encrypted
your website comes with security certificates and is encrypted.
hard to hack
your website gets deployed as a static html page that's not hackable.
100% code access
you get full access to the source code of your website.
your inhouse development team can add new features.
free hosting
you can make use of the free plans of to host your website.
no vendor-lockin
your not dependent on our services or hosting environments.

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we're techboi.

we're a digital innovation agency from Berlin, Germany.

we're arming the creators.

techboi. we’re building dope products
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