last update: 15.01.2021

techboi websuite roadmap

Every month, we add new features, building blocks, snippets, and more to the techboi websuite.

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in progress

Mailchimp Signup Form

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planned features

Instagram Story Layout

A media gallery that allows the user to browse the different items like stories on Instagram.


January 2021

Apple style scroll effect

We discovered a cool scroll effect on Stay tuned..

December 2020

Parallax scroll effects

We'll implement a grid that supports multiple columns. Every column can have a different scroll speed to create a "parallax effect".

Text offset element

This feature allows authors to visually shift elements to the side.

November 2020


We've improved the editor experience including autocomplete, a sidebar with media, font, sizes, colors shortcuts and debug mode.

Performance upgrade

In November, we've upgraded the core to pass the new Google Lighthouse version 6 performance benchmark.

October 2020

GDPR privacy manager v1

We've finished the first version of the GDPR privacy manager that also blocks Third Party services like YouTube.

Section Video Support and Scroll Effect

Checkout to see the new video and scroll effect in action.


Content snippets for the editor

We provide you with popular content snippets to accelerate the content creation

Logo Reveal Effect

This feature is great for logo walls that get revealed when reaching a certain scroll position.


Renaming and simplifying elements

We'll overwork the whole naming structure of all components to make it easier for authors to create and update content.

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